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How To Keep Your E-Mail’s Safe

E-mail is the most widely used forms of communication today. E-Mail is a method of exchanging the digital information from one end to another end. We know that E-Mails are very popular in our daily routine. In the past, when we don’t have an Internet, What we do for the communication? Yeah, Off Course letters being sent from one place to another place or one person to another person, but the letters aren’t secure, but how?

Suppose someone sent you a letter which contains your confidential information and there may be a chance that it may be lost or theft by someone. So these aren’t secure way to transfer the confidential information. Later when we enter into the world of internet then E-Mails are used to exchange messages but with the advancement of internet there is a risk of theft your E-Mail or Hack your E-Mail.

So, To Prevent from E-mail Hijacking we must keep our E-Mails Safe. In this article we are going to read How can we keep our E-Mail Safe ?

There are total 5 ways from which you can keep your E-Mails Safe and minimizing the mishappening with your mail list.

Go Off Records

If you really want to keep your E-Mails secret then just activate the Go Off Record button from your G-Mail chat box. If you are using Gmail then you can also activate this feature from the GTalk or other IM Chat Messenger. After activating this features whatever you typed-in from the keyboard will not save in your E-Mail Account.

Stop using Draft

If you are using the draft service to save your message or private information so you should stop it from now. Because it can be read by anyone, but how? Let’s discuss with an example

Suppose you have an urgent piece of work on the internet and your internet is not working, what will you do? Off course you have to go to the cyber cafe, and in the cafe you open your E-Mail account and by mistake you didn’t log-out your E-Mail account, now anyone who sits on your seat can open your E-Mail account, check your draft folder and theft your confidential information.

Use 2-Step Verification

This is the best way to keep your E-Mail Safe. If you are using G-Mail then there is a best option for you to activate 2-step Verification in your G-Mail account. After activating this option no one can log-in into your G-Mail account even though he/she knows your password.

Use password protected zip files

If you are sending some private or confidential information to anyone then always use password protected zip files. This will keep your E-Mail message safe. By chance if anyone theft your file which is password protected then he/she cannot open that file. So this is how, you can safe your E-Mails safe.

Hide your files in image

There is an another cool way to keep your E-mail safe i.e. hide your files with images then send it to the recipient. But how is this possible? Yeah, it is possible let’s see,

To hide files in image you have to go through some steps so get ready-

Gather all files (which you want to hide) in a specific folder I recommend C:\private

Then compress all files to .rar extension and named it like hello.rar and this hello.rar should also be in the same directory i.e. private.

Now pick any .jpeg file (for ex- abc.jpeg) from your computer and put that image file into that directory.

Open command prompt (click on start-> Run-> cmd) and go to the present working directory that is C:\private

Then type a simple command

copy /b abc.jpeg + hello.rar output.jpeg

now your hello.rar folder is hidden in the output.jpeg and if you click on the output.jpeg file then an image will be open. This is the best way to keep your E-Mail safe, if your E-Mail is hijacked even then no one can theft your confidential information.

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