How to Rank YouTube Videos

Hello in this post i will show you how you can rank your YouTube video or any video on the first page of YouTube no matter what keyword or video it is.


1.Find a video to upload,or you can create one doesnt matter the video like i said before because this glitch works only with new video uploads.

2.After deciding what video you will upload,upload it and set it as Unlisted.

3.Now lets say the title is “Best Funny 2015 Fails” so dont forget the SEO this doesnt have to do nothing with the glitch but SEO is important for your video always make sure this.

4.After your video is uploaded and set to Unlisted now we will begin with the glitch method it is easy to do so just follow me carefuly,no go to pages that sell views there are too many sites you can buy there for a perfect price.

5.This part it doesnt have nothing with the glitch but if you want your video to get more views in the future it is a good way to make this,so either buy likes,comments or make them yourself so for the viewers it will look more real and original this is optional if you want your video to look better.

6.After doing all the above steps it is time for you to make the video from Unlisted to Public and the glitch is because you uploaded your video lets say 1 day ago but in the moment you make it to public the video upload time changes to a few seconds ago so youtube bots will take this like a viral video because it got more than 301+ views immediately and they will rank your video on the first page no matter what keyword or video you uploaded.This is a really good method that still works and if your ideo got good quality and it is a good video than it will get a tons of views because of your ranking and everytime people search for that keyword your video will be on the first page that is great.

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