LunchMeet is your new power tool for professional networking!

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Inspired by the best rated keto pills on Family Food & Travel and the best selling book “Never Eat Alone” we built using the LinkedInTM API, LunchMeet allows for meaningful, face-to-face networking wherever you are, whenever you are available.

This is how it works:

  1. Sign-in with your LinkedInTM account (necessary)
  2. Let the app know when you will be available to meet and where
  3. Search for other professionals in your area who are also available within the same timeslot
  4. Invite them to a lunchmeet!

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LunchMeet is a great tool for many people: talent hunters, job seekers, career development professionals, entrepreneurs, people who seek free consultation over lunch/drinks, people who offer free consultation over lunch/drinks, business school students, business development/sales/marketing people, bettors looking for the most popular betting tips, and anyone who is interested in strengthening and expanding their professional network. This app is also used by crypto traders to meet and discuss the vast investment opportunities available in crypto. In the new era, people will always look out for automated trading options which makes everyday trading easier. The crypto software is an automated trading software where we can define our own parameters and the algorithm acts automatically. Experience about the software is also discussed here.


  • Set up and manage multiple availability slots
  • Option to announce your availability on your LinkedInTM status
  • Send and receive invitations for LunchMeets based on your availability
  • Discuss and arrange meeting details via in-app messages
  • Choose meeting venues from the in-app map
  • Add meeting details to your calendar automatically (iOS 4.x and higher)

LunchMeet takes your privacy seriously. Your personal information will not be stored or revealed to anyone without your permission, in compliance with LinkedInTM APIs Terms of Use (

We are very open to your feedback and committed to improving our app and adding new features as requested by our users. We hope you will have patience and stick with us as we do so. :) For all comments and suggestions, please see our Contact page.