LunchMeet FAQ

We have been getting many e-mails lately, most of them along similar lines, so I thought it might be a good idea to answer them in a blog post as a temporary FAQ. Here we go.

  1. Is there an Android version? Currently LunchMeet is an iOS only affair, but as mentioned in the interview with Mashable, an Android version is very high on our to-do list.
  2. Is there a web interface to use LunchMeet? Again this is not currently possible but it is an item on our potential future platforms list.
  3. Why didn’t you already develop for all existing platforms? Time and resources were our constraints. We wanted to use the iOS version as a concept test, to gauge user reactions and general reception. Now we are finding all that to be very favorable and our assumptions validated, we will be pushing forward towards more platforms.
  4. Why not a Blackberry version? Wouldn’t LunchMeet be super popular with berry wielding business people? You would think so, right? Funny, nobody actually has ever asked about a Blackberry version. So I guess it is not technically a frequently asked question. More like a curiously absent question. I wonder what that means for Blackberry users/apps.
  5. I want to try LunchMeet but does it work in my area? If you can find your area on Google Maps, then it will work for you.
  6. I have tried LunchMeet but there is nobody around to meet with. What gives? LunchMeet being very very new, it will take a some time for everyone in your area to start using it, which is something we are looking forward to. In the meantime, you can always use the app to invite an existing LinkedIn connection to have lunch with you, or you can announce your availability on your LinkedIn feed to increase your visibility.
  7. I found a bug! Get it away from me! We spent considerable time testing LunchMeet before launch, to make sure it works smoothly for everyone. Still, we may have missed some issues and if you do come across any, please let us know. There is one issue that we are currently aware of, which in some very rare cases causes the app to become unresponsive at the Messaging/Invitation Screen. We are working on correcting this as soon as possible.
  8. I want to be notified about future updates, features, versions, etc. The easiest way to be in the loop is to subscribe to our blog or to follow us on twitter @lunchmeetapp. Alternatively, you can give us lots of money and we will make sure you get all the news first.
  9. I love your idea, we should work together! Awesome! We are always open to offers of cooperation and partnerships that would allow us to provide greater value to our users. So let us know!
  10. I love your idea, can I invest in it? Again, we are open to offers that would help improve LunchMeet user experience. Resources surely help in that regard, but obviously this is a subject that would take very careful consideration on our part. There is no harm in talking about it, though.
  11. I can’t see my question on the list. Send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page! We do our best to answer all questions.

Hope this helps with some of the questions you may have.



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