How To Keep Your E-Mail’s Safe

E-mail is the most widely used forms of communication today. E-Mail is a method of exchanging the digital information from one end to another end. We know that E-Mails are very popular in our daily routine. In the past, when we don’t have an Internet, What we do for the communication? Yeah, Off Course letters being sent from one place to another place or one person to another person, but the letters aren’t secure, but how?

E-Mail’s Safe

Suppose someone sent you a letter which contains your confidential information and there may be a chance that it may be lost or theft by someone. So these aren’t secure way to transfer the confidential information. Later when we enter into the world of internet then E-Mails are used to exchange messages but with the advancement of internet there is a risk of theft your E-Mail or Hack your E-Mail.

So, To Prevent from E-mail Hijacking we must keep our E-Mails Safe. In this article we are going to read How can we keep our E-Mail Safe ?

There are total 5 ways from which you can keep your E-Mails Safe and minimizing the mishappening with your mail list.

Go Off Records

If you really want to keep your E-Mails secret then just activate the Go Off Record button from your G-Mail chat box. If you are using Gmail then you can also activate this feature from the GTalk or other IM Chat Messenger. After activating this features whatever you typed-in from the keyboard will not save in your E-Mail Account.

Stop using Draft

If you are using the draft service to save your message or private information so you should stop it from now. Because it can be read by anyone, but how? Let’s discuss with an example

Suppose you have an urgent piece of work on the internet and your internet is not working, what will you do? Off course you have to go to the cyber cafe, and in the cafe you open your E-Mail account and by mistake you didn’t log-out your E-Mail account, now anyone who sits on your seat can open your E-Mail account, check your draft folder and theft your confidential information.

Use 2-Step Verification

This is the best way to keep your E-Mail Safe. If you are using G-Mail then there is a best option for you to activate 2-step Verification in your G-Mail account. After activating this option no one can log-in into your G-Mail account even though he/she knows your password.

Use password protected zip files

If you are sending some private or confidential information to anyone then always use password protected zip files. This will keep your E-Mail message safe. By chance if anyone theft your file which is password protected then he/she cannot open that file. So this is how, you can safe your E-Mails safe.

Hide your files in image

There is an another cool way to keep your E-mail safe i.e. hide your files with images then send it to the recipient. But how is this possible? Yeah, it is possible let’s see,

To hide files in image you have to go through some steps so get ready-

Gather all files (which you want to hide) in a specific folder I recommend C:\private

Then compress all files to .rar extension and named it like hello.rar and this hello.rar should also be in the same directory i.e. private.

Now pick any .jpeg file (for ex- abc.jpeg) from your computer and put that image file into that directory.

Open command prompt (click on start-> Run-> cmd) and go to the present working directory that is C:\private

Then type a simple command

copy /b abc.jpeg + hello.rar output.jpeg

now your hello.rar folder is hidden in the output.jpeg and if you click on the output.jpeg file then an image will be open. This is the best way to keep your E-Mail safe, if your E-Mail is hijacked even then no one can theft your confidential information.

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How to Rank YouTube Videos

Hello in this post i will show you how you can rank your YouTube video or any video on the first page of YouTube no matter what keyword or video it is.


1.Find a video to upload,or you can create one doesnt matter the video like i said before because this glitch works only with new video uploads.

2.After deciding what video you will upload,upload it and set it as Unlisted.

3.Now lets say the title is “Best Funny 2015 Fails” so dont forget the SEO this doesnt have to do nothing with the glitch but SEO is important for your video always make sure this.

4.After your video is uploaded and set to Unlisted now we will begin with the glitch method it is easy to do so just follow me carefuly,no go to pages that sell views there are too many sites you can buy there for a perfect price.

5.This part it doesnt have nothing with the glitch but if you want your video to get more views in the future it is a good way to make this,so either buy likes,comments or make them yourself so for the viewers it will look more real and original this is optional if you want your video to look better.

6.After doing all the above steps it is time for you to make the video from Unlisted to Public and the glitch is because you uploaded your video lets say 1 day ago but in the moment you make it to public the video upload time changes to a few seconds ago so youtube bots will take this like a viral video because it got more than 301+ views immediately and they will rank your video on the first page no matter what keyword or video you uploaded.This is a really good method that still works and if your ideo got good quality and it is a good video than it will get a tons of views because of your ranking and everytime people search for that keyword your video will be on the first page that is great.

So i hope you liked this post if yes than dont forget to like and share.

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What is Nandroid Backup – How to Create a Nandroid Backup

Nandroid Backup

Everything anyone wished to learn about Nandroid Backup

If you are less than technological experienced and have experiencing of the term “Nandroid backup”, you most likely ought to be obtaining confused as well as baffled much more. Okay, in the easier phrase, Nandroid backup is really a extremely handy back up choice, that very cautiously backs up the programs total memory space together with all of the associated applications, ROM, along with other related functions. Additionally you may really handily recover it just in the event you stumbled upon a destructed ROM, or even kernel, and so on.

This kind of backup is really certainly not comparable to some other applications like the titanium back-up in addition to truth features a very different system and also nicely prepared. When you take the actual backup in the best time after that it can be a total savior for you personally, preserving your own essential information from getting lost or even broken. This really is simply the backup approach to the actual Android OPERATING SYSTEM (os) from NAND memory space in the mobile phone which becomes stored inside storage area card slot.

This is why it really is typically recommended to own your own phone’s correct Nandroid backup right before anyone possibly think about flashing down in a new ROM. This task is very important as well as should be totally followed since simply because, in case some thing does not go right, the device may shift back in the prior operating condition.

Right before you begin off with all the recover as well as Nandroid backup procedure, keep in mind that it’s very important to you to root improve cell phone, and obtain the actual Clockwork Recovery set up. Remember this, the actual backup in this whole process goes towards the Sdcard, which means that the actual SD card should have plenty of totally free space so the phone’s whole material from the mobile phone memory space obtain renewed.

Among the most secure, simplest and a lot handy methods for executing the actual Nandroid backup through methodically making use of the actual ROM supervisor. This really is basically a totally free Android Application, which may be very easily downloadable through the Android Market. You can make use of it whilst running around Android to schedule procedures in order to complete it inside recovery.

In addition, it provides a GUI by which you can very easily set up ROMs as well as perform, handle as well as recover the actual backups. That is not alone, routines the task, and also instead reboots smartphone in to recovery, right after the actual steps was on time scheduled, lastly automatically executing it with the recovery.

So, the actual Nandroid backup is actually just the actual duplicate copy of the telephone. In the event you tend to be crystal clear along with suggestions like cloning or creation associated with ghost image from the pc hard disk, then that is simply related procedure that way. It is far from only keeping the total backup of the whole e-mail and also contact list, however also having a whole duplicate of everything.

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LunchMeet 1.1 is out!

Version 1.1 is out and ready for download in iOS app store today. It is aimed to address issues around the search algorithm and general stability. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

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LunchMeet FAQ

We have been getting many e-mails lately, most of them along similar lines, so I thought it might be a good idea to answer them in a blog post as a temporary FAQ. Here we go.

  1. Is there an Android version? Currently LunchMeet is an iOS only affair, but as mentioned in the interview with Mashable, an Android version is very high on our to-do list.
  2. Is there a web interface to use LunchMeet? Again this is not currently possible but it is an item on our potential future platforms list.
  3. Why didn’t you already develop for all existing platforms? Time and resources were our constraints. We wanted to use the iOS version as a concept test, to gauge user reactions and general reception. Now we are finding all that to be very favorable and our assumptions validated, we will be pushing forward towards more platforms.
  4. Why not a Blackberry version? Wouldn’t LunchMeet be super popular with berry wielding business people? You would think so, right? Funny, nobody actually has ever asked about a Blackberry version. So I guess it is not technically a frequently asked question. More like a curiously absent question. I wonder what that means for Blackberry users/apps.
  5. I want to try LunchMeet but does it work in my area? If you can find your area on Google Maps, then it will work for you.
  6. I have tried LunchMeet but there is nobody around to meet with. What gives? LunchMeet being very very new, it will take a some time for everyone in your area to start using it, which is something we are looking forward to. In the meantime, you can always use the app to invite an existing LinkedIn connection to have lunch with you, or you can announce your availability on your LinkedIn feed to increase your visibility.
  7. I found a bug! Get it away from me! We spent considerable time testing LunchMeet before launch, to make sure it works smoothly for everyone. Still, we may have missed some issues and if you do come across any, please let us know. There is one issue that we are currently aware of, which in some very rare cases causes the app to become unresponsive at the Messaging/Invitation Screen. We are working on correcting this as soon as possible.
  8. I want to be notified about future updates, features, versions, etc. The easiest way to be in the loop is to subscribe to our blog or to follow us on twitter @lunchmeetapp. Alternatively, you can give us lots of money and we will make sure you get all the news first.
  9. I love your idea, we should work together! Awesome! We are always open to offers of cooperation and partnerships that would allow us to provide greater value to our users. So let us know!
  10. I love your idea, can I invest in it? Again, we are open to offers that would help improve LunchMeet user experience. Resources surely help in that regard, but obviously this is a subject that would take very careful consideration on our part. There is no harm in talking about it, though.
  11. I can’t see my question on the list. Send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page! We do our best to answer all questions.

Hope this helps with some of the questions you may have.



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LunchMeet interview on Mashable

I know visitors come from Mashable to here more often than the other way around, but in case you missed it, here is the link to the latest LunchMeet interview on Mashable:

In other news: thanks a lot for all the feedback emails! It is really awesome to see people excited by the idea behind LunchMeet and offering their suggestions to improve it. I will try to reply to them as soon as I find the time.




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