Top Wifi Names 2018 | Funny & Tricky Router SSID network Names

Now a day’s everyone having the internet connection in their homes and offices. Most of the people show interest in wireless connection than wired connections. So, everyone is going to wifi to browse the internet with any wired connection. For this, you need to have a router in your home or office.

Of course, buying a router is an easy task. After purchasing the router everyone is looking for configuration settings and also search for good wifi names. Don’t worry, we provide the complete guidelines to finish your router settings successfully. And one more thing that you have to remember to the setting of secure password for your router.

Are you looking for the Best wifi names for your wireless connection? Then Here, you can find the 1000+ funny wifi names list. You can read and choose the desired one. Along with this, we gave the how to change router password and username settings also. The below section discussed regarding the steps to set wifi username and password.

•Visit the in.
•Then a window will be displayed on the screen.
•As Default, you have the username as admin and password as the password.
•Click on the ok button. Now you will be redirected to a homepage.
•Here, you can find the username and network key fields.
•Enter Username which you want to identify your connection in username field.
•And type password in network security key field.
•Click on the ok button.
•Now your password and username successfully changed.

Funny wifi Names list

Some people are interested in funny wifi names. We came up with 500+ good wifi names. you can pick wished one and put your wifi password as per given guidelines. Americans show interest in creative wifi names. You can find different types of wifi passwords on this page. Not only for wifi names but also you can put a good name for router network SSID which is used to recognize your network easily. By setting a password to your wireless connection, no one can be accessed your data without your permission. So, you can establish a secure connection with your router and enjoy with browsing. A part of this, you can have various useful options in your router settings for authorized access. Hope this article will be helpful to you.